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Mal'ak01 est une compagnie de danse contemporaine française dirigée par Céline Borlet.La compagnie évolue dans la production et la diffusion de ses spectacles en multipliant les collaborations artistiques.Elle valorise son implantation en Bretagne grâce à de nombreuses interventions pédagogiques et des formations d'enseignement de la danse contemporaine pour les amateurs-ices et professionels-elles

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Association and contemporary dance company Mal''ak01

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Choreographer / dancer

Mini biography

​​The choreographer, born January 26 in Paris, Céline Borlet has gone through several dance techniques such as, Ballet / Modern, Flamenco, Tango, the American classic  and Russian, African, Buto and contemporary dance. She began classical dance at the age of five in Angers, then at the age of  of seven  years old, she started playing the piano at the conservatory, a high-level artistic gymnast, at the age of 10 she won the first school prize and won a bronze medal at the championships in Saumur.  At ten years old she decides to stop gymnastics, to devote herself only and  uniquely  To   dance.  Passionate about  dance, at 19 she went to Spain   (Barcelona and Madrid)  after having followed a course in two schools in Montpellier, she left to work at the school of Anne Morrine and Ramon Ollers, then she followed internships at the conservatory of Carmen Sendra (Madrid). Dancer  within  ballet  Mediterranean in classical dance (Montpellier), Céline is  back in Paris where she becomes the assistant and  coach of Jean-Claude Ramseyer (dance inspector) in Paris, for the DE of contemporary dance teacher. A student of Peter Goss who remains her dance master, with whom she continues to work on the analysis of movement, she is also trained in the Feldenkraïs technique with Gessie Leibovici and Peter Goss, but also in dynamic yoga and yoga of the breath, which are part of his training. Pilates technique with Dominique Dupuy (Paris). She works the classical theater and the comedia del Arte, she will be the interpreter, of Violaine, in the Announcement made to Marie by Paul Claudel, within the troupe of the Red Cameleon in Paris, directed by the actors comedians, Samy Saimbert and Paul Barge. Guest and scholarship holder, with the choreographers Dupuy and by the choreographer Martin Kravitz, at the Mas de la danse in Fontvielle, for a work on the analysis of movement, with Laurence Louppe and Jacqueline Chalet Hasse, around a work on the Laban technique . At the same time, she worked as a teacher at Charles Foix hospital (Paris) with hospital staff, with Feldenkraïs workshops, then created the Balneotherapy / Feldenkraïs project, for patients at the end of their life. For the hospital, she choreographed and danced a creation, a quartet, entitled, "the waiting room". She took part in the first summer quarters in Paris, randomly in the capital, dancing at dawn in the open air ... After having trained in several dance techniques (1976-1998), she studied the greatest, such as Peter Goss, Carolyn Carlson, Pina Bauch, Dominique Mercy, Wayne Bryars, Andrey Glégovsky, Céline has led a career as an interpreter with a production agency, as a soloist, advertising agencies, she has done among others advertising on Canal Plus on Lewis Jeans in the 90s .. Performer for many choreographers, one month of rehearsals and three performances in Bercy, for the choreographer and scenographer, Dominique Trichet, for whom she will have leading roles, for the relief associations popular and Catholic relief. She danced at the Divan du monde (Paris) as a happening on the concert of a famous singer, then for the master role in the festival Parades        (Nanterre), ditto for a large production agency, for a private show in Strasbourg. She was an artistic living model for the sculptor Pétrus (Paris). In 1996, created her company, she produced creations with different universes, she worked with water and around the elements, but also on a very spiritual dimension, which take an important place in his creations. She presented her work in Essen (Germany) at the invitation of SACD. Juggler, acrobat, singer, specialist in the aerial hoop, stretched on themes, such as video and poetry, her compositions start with a poem discovered or written. Engaged for the staging, scenography and choreography of the music school of Trégor (Lannion) for 300 children. She intervened in spontaneous workshops with the mentally handicapped, on her dance therapy project in Brittany. She carried out an important mission, that of clowning in the hospital. Today she continues to work around the performance in happening, soloist on the stage of the Pumpkin (St Brieuc) then for a private evening, of young creators, in painting on naked body and for the closing parade. numerous courses and workshops, she continues her personal training, in Buto dance, and many techniques. She is the interpreter for the dance and viola show, "the Lord of the dance", at the women's prison (Rennes) in the As part of the chaplaincy, she also works on coffee, discusses once a month at the prison with her Dominican brother. She dances to a celebration of a bishop on a catechumenate day in a church in Brittany. She also offers courses in abbeys, with nuns and monks. Celine has been practicing for years techniques complementary to her art, such as kinomichi with Japanese and Tibetan zazen meditation practice, Karl Durkheim's breath yoga, but also dynamic Hindu yoga for more than 15 years, Feldenkrais until today, then more recently aerial yoga. regular professional dancer at the Rennes Dance Museum the CcNRB.

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You are the salt and I the earth



The waiting room  


The silence catches my eye




Carmilla's oath


OIP (1).jpg

Prayer from you



Improvisation on slides


In grapefruit country

creation for six dancers


   Meeting with an angel

    Celtic harp music and dance duo

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Already completed

Céline is a member of the CID. International center  of the UNESCO dance.

Very appreciated by critics of the entertainment world, as well as by the public, Céline Borlet understands several choreographic compositions.   to his credit . From solo, Duo, Trio, quartet to ballet, for 12 dancers, inspired by very different universes, she has written up to 20 pieces, from poetry, a photo, a place, 'a book, a film, a perfume, a meeting ...

Dancer choreographer  interpreter, Céline Borlet, offers many courses, around poetry, nature, elements, such as water, images, prayer, the gospel,. Céline's literary culture and poetic mastery reflect deeply on her creations, imbued with romanticism, delicacy and freshness. Fluidity, passion, tranquility and charm are the essential elements of his art. Celine draws the Ether of her talent from the silvery waves of the oceans, these immensities ...

Emeritus in the techniques Zazen, Kinomichi, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Céline released a great serenity, entirely turned towards her vocation of creator, her dance, the spectacle and the respect of the public. She saw her relationship with the spectator as a communion, a relationship where the apostle is called love and where passivity is prohibited.

Innovation remains one of the fundamental principles of his creativity. The "natural" and incorporeal material constitutes the ferment of his inspiration: the purity of the wave, Rodin's marble, prayer, the caress of his poetry ... and tirelessly in the background: beauty and sensuality. With a growing experience and despite everything strengthened, endowed with a different sensitivity and spirituality; Céline surrounds herself with original and talented dancers. Dancers, who follow one another within the company where an imaginative and constantly renewed repertoire develops.

The gaze of the candid

journalist the parisian  

I always try to fully exploit these feelings which will arouse emotions in the spectator, but above all I do not want intellectualism, because the body and its language remain above all a mystery.






I'm just a prayer that goes on forever



Paradise the pearls


Les danseuses du spectacle Séthépaï festival mars 2023 à Bruz sur le morceau du chanteur Denez ,  C'hwervoni

danse musique et chant



  Music duet

  Piano Dance



Dance and poetry duo


Blonde hair


From 1996 to 2021: Festivals  creations  events 

Creation of the company in 1996.

Barcelona Dance Festival (Blonde) Solo

Contemporary Dance Festival in Geneva (Blonde) Solo

Performer dancer on a MC Solaar concert (Album Bouge de là) Arènes de Palavas Hérault

Festival of the young choreographer in Paris (Each strand of my hair is a different truth) Quartet

Performer and student of the company "Le chaméléon rouge" for "the announcement made to Marie" by Paul Claudel in Paris 

Choreographic festival in Paris Pantin (You are the salt and I am the earth) Solo

Presentation and interpretation Carré Magique Lannion (The music box) Quartet 

Improvisation Happening at the Divan du Monde Paris with an American singer (Company) 

Supervised show at Charles Foix Paris Hospital (The waiting room) Quartet

Festival Garage entrepôt in Paris dancing in an underground car park (Improvisation on slides) Quartet

Franco-Japanese Festival Paris (Improvisation on slides) 

Festival competition in Pantin Paris (In grapefruit country) 

Festival and showcase in Germany Essen guest of the SACD (Paradise the pearls) Quartet 

Residency and creation of a show  at the CND Paris (The silence catches my eye) Duo

Residency and creation of a show at the CND Paris (Souvenir) Solo / Duo

International dancer competition in Paris (Souvenir) Solo

Residency and creation of a show at the CND Paris (Prière de toi) Duo

Performance show in a castle for the orphans of Auteuil in Bordeaux (Le Seigneur de la Danse  ) Solo

Creation of a show in Nantes for the entrance to the conservatory for a student (Poppy) Solo

Choreography and staging at the Carré Magique Lannion (Chansons Folles) For 300 children from the music school of  Trégor 

Creation of a show in Ploulec'h Bretagne (The Butterfly Kiss) Solo

Improvisation in the Cathedral of Tréguier Bretagne (I am only a prayer that goes on forever) Solo 

Passeurs de danse DVD creation in the workshops and in the presence of Carolyn Carlson Paris (Solo)

Choreographer for the Diwan school in Paimpol Bretagne, end of year presentation.

Video show dance in two Abbeys in Brittany (The oath of Carmilla) Quartet 

Performance show as part of a monastic retreat (The Lord of the Dance) followed by a course Images Body and prayer in Abbeys

Performance show at St Yves church in St Brieuc (Le Seigneur de la danse) on the celebration of a bishop interview and testimony 

Shows presentations at the women's prison of Rennes (Le Seigneur de la danse) on two celebrations of the Archbishop open to inmates 

The lord of dance  





     Music and dance

  Viola and contemporary dance


Événements à venir

  • Technical workshop for children and adolescents
    Technical workshop for children and adolescents
    Time to be defined
    Place to be defined
    Time to be defined
    Place to be defined
    Time to be defined
    Place to be defined
    Improvisation work, awakening and choreographic workshop, preparation for competitions and festivals for young dancers, preparation for the DE